“Pressure = resistance, resistance = lack of control”

A horse is an animal of flight – it will never yield to pressure or pain, it will either move away from it or run away. To obtain control we need to remove the resistance. To remove the resistance, one must remove the pressure or distribute the pressure over a larger surface area.

A Bombers horse bit is entirely handcrafted. All the component parts are welded, formed and ground by hand.

The sweet iron after treatment, gives off a striking and attractive deep blue tint.

The finishing touch: the size and brand name are stamped on the left-hand side of the horse bit.

Born out of one man’s passion for everything equestrian.

Bomber started making horse bits in his garage as a hobby and is now a global company employing 30 people; 5 of which are family members and 10 have received their Ten-Year Service Awards.

Socially responsible and environmentally aware, with a global footprint.

The Bombers Lifetime Guarantee covers all stainless steel, sweet iron and brass products from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Bombers will repair or replace at its discretion any manufacturing defect in these products free of charge.

The Bombers Lifetime Guarantee does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care or cleaning, non-standard usage, negligence or unauthorised alterations.



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The Bombers moulded material has been uniquely developed, to ensure 3 key attributes; texture, durability and comfort.

The internal flexible stainless-steel cable core has been injection moulded with a bespoke non-toxic, UV resistant, FDA approved flexible synthetic material.

The Bombers Lifetime Guarantee does not extend to materials that can be chewed.



Sweet Iron will oxidize when it comes into contact with moisture; this oxidation process encourages salivation which improves acceptance of the bit. This process changes the blue colour of the Bomber horse bit to a brownish grey.

If not used for a while, any build- up may be removed with a scourer and wiped with a damp cloth.


The nature of titanium brings a number of positives to the proven Bombers horse bitting philosophy; specifically for the horses who need an alternative material for their bit.

  • Antibacterial & biocompatible
  • Superior strength and extremely lightweight in the mouth
  • Increases saliva, warm to the touch and encourages acceptance
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean


A loose cheek piece moves vertically through the mouthpiece of the bit.

The mouthpiece slips on the cheekpiece loose ring resulting in poll pressure while allowing the horse to react before the mouthpiece catches on the cheekpiece and is leveraged.

With the release of the reins and tension the mouthpiece quickly returns to neutral.


The mouthpiece is fixed to the cheekpiece, as the cheekpiece rotates under rein pressure the mouthpiece is leveraged in the horses mouth.

With the release of the reins and tension the cheekpiece is slow to return to neutral.

A fixed cheek piece is designed to sit closely to the horses lips, and encourages flexion.


A unique group of cheek pieces are fixed against the cheek and exhibit the positive features of a loose ring.

A fixed cheek piece is designed to sit closely to the horses lips, and encourages flexion.

The loose ring will slip through mouthpiece resulting in some poll pressure but allowing for the horse to react before the mouthpiece starts to be leveraged.


The mouthpiece is fixed between cheekpieces, optionally offering tongue relief in the form of a port.


Removes the centre links, creating a smooth more comfortable mouthpiece with rigidity, limiting the nutcracker effect. The spring back offers a quick release from pressure.
The cable allows for lateral independence between reins.


Flexible mouthpieces wrap around the horse’s tongue and bars spreading the pressure.


The joint is hindered from making its full movement, thereby limiting the horse bit’s action and lessening the squeeze.


Double break bits have a middle component that sits on the tongue. Some extent of squeeze will occur.


When applied the single break snaffle bit squeezes the bars and tongue raising the head.

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Send us an image of your horse bit,
or describe the cheekpiece
and mouthpiece of the horse bit.

Describe your horses head and tongue
in reaction to the horse bit contact and pressure.


Tongue – out, back or over
Head – leaning, heavy, jerking,
pulling or shaking.


Send us your horses name,
breed, height and discipline
you are competing at.

Horse bitting is a process!

Bert Sheffield

Canadian Paralympian based in Lincolnshire, UK. Bert has worn the Maple Leaf of the Equestrian Canada Team for 8 years, at 3 Major Games – World Equestrian Games 2014 in Caen, Rio Paralympic Games 2016 and the World Equestrian Games at Tryon 2018.

Andrew Hoy

Australian Event Rider 7 Olympics 3 Olympic Gold Medals & 1 Olympic Silver Medal 5* Wins at Badminton, Burghley, Kentucky, Luhmühlen Member of the Australian High-Performance Gold Squad aiming at Tokyo 2021

Kirsten Wing

PhD Researcher in Sport and Health, Based in Gloucestershire Goals: To enjoy the learning process to Grand Prix Bombers products are made by horse people, for horse people, and it shows.

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