Bombers benefits society by offering employment, staff training, unique benefits to the equestrian industry, tax compliant and offering valuable growth in foreign exchange.

Labour policies – inhouse training, lean deployment, payment of further education as well as access to online learning to benefit employees, HR consultant, long term service awards, uniforms, legal compliance.

Fairtrade – Lifetime Guarantee and returns policy.

Charitable giving – Horse welfare – donations of bits and leather bridlery to horse owners in poorer areas where horses are a valuable form of transport as well as to rescue horses. Regular donations to various charities.

Volunteering in the community – monthly donations to Inkanyiso Day Care Centre for disabled children, support of local beggars offering food and assistance to uplift from current circumstances, assist local street vendor by storing goods overnight.

Company Policies to ensure Safety, Health and Environmental compliance.
Policies to benefit the environment – responsible disposal of waste and support of recycling entrepreneur.