‘ThisEsme’ talks to eventer and #TeamBombers ambassador, Lydia Heywood
January 8, 2020

In the latest episode of ThisEsme, Esme introduces eventer and #TeamBombers ambassador, Lydia Heywood. You can watch Lydia taking youngster Flynn around Hickstead’s fantastic all-weather course HERE.

Esme asked Lydia why she chose eventing out of all the disciplines out there. “I started off as a showjumper, and my eventing really came from a passion for cross country,” Lydia says.

“Yes, I love the adrenaline of cross country, and my showjumping pony (pictured left) really showed me that speed and long shots into a fence are okay and fun!

So we really enjoyed that, and had to learn to love the dressage.”

“Now I’m really passionate about all three phases, and making them come together on the one day, which is difficult; but we enjoy trying to keep the score as low as we can, and hopefully get the win,” Lydia continues.

Lydia has sold two horses recently, so she’s left with five year olds Flynn and Mink.

“Mink won her first BE competition as a four year old. I’m really excited about her future,” Lydia explains.

“My 13 year old Billy went to intermediate and two star level with me, however he’s just been sold to a young rider. He’s given us so much, and now I’m excited to follow that journey. So it’s sad, but it’s exciting to see him go forward with someone else.”

Lydia says getting work/life balance can be tricky.

“I had to get to grips really early with working full time jobs behind a computer to earn money for competition fees.

You know, my Mum’s support was great but it wasn’t quite enough, because I have to grow my string of horses.

One isn’t ebough if you want to be competitive. So I work and then go to the yard, and continue until the work’s done, making sure the horses are comfy, then it’s time for dinner and hopefully home not too late!

Sometimes you ride until 8pm and it’s cold and dark, but we’ll get through the other side. It will be spring soon!” Lydia says positively.

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More from Lydia and Esme to come shortly!