Introducing French Horse Bit shop and Bomber Bits specialist, Mors and More
July 5, 2021

French Horse Bit shop Mors and More was founded by professional riders Juliette and Romain Potin, and taken over by Geoffrey Lotigie (pictured below) in May 2018. The team is passionate about bits, and Mors and More is one of the only websites specialising solely in quality bits and accessories.

“After four years of activities during which Juliette and Romain managed to develop the brand, I have had the chance to take the reins of their company,” Geoffrey explains. “As a rider from a very young age, I seized the opportunity to combine my professional experience and passion for horses, and represent this great retailer and Bomber Bits aficionado.”

Mors and More is mainly an online store and is well-known as a bit and bridle specialist. “We are very conscious about the importance of customer service,” Geoffrey adds. “Although we are an online store, it’s important to us to be as close as possible to our clients when it comes to guiding their choice for their next bit and/or bridle.”

“That’s why you can reach us by phone, email, WhatsApp and all social media platforms,” he continues. “Last but not least, we are pleased to assure a fast delivery service worldwide!”

The team at the leading French retailer tells us that they have various levels of riders, from beginners to professional riders, as customers. “That is what makes our job so interesting!” Geoffrey tells us.`

“The same goes for the disciplines: dressage, jumper, hunter, cross country, eventing, racing, western and much more. We learn so much from our customers as well,” he muses.

When asked what Geoffrey loves about running the business, and what he loves about horses, he explains that his first motivation was his passion for horses. “Our mission at Mors and More is to find the bit that fits for the horse and the rider, and we love the Bombers range.”

“As we say: “Challenge your next stride!” We want to assure that the horse and rider is ready to challenge their next goal. That is why our job is fascinating! We have the chance to learn something new every day, thanks to our clients and to our partners, such as bit and bridle fitters. As the Mors and More journey grows, we have the chance to grow our knowledge from the experience, and therefore be even more precise when finding the solution for our clients.”

Geoffrey says that many staff members use the Bombers cable bit with their horses (Geoffrey’s mare is pictured left with a loose ring version). “We also really like the new Bombers preferred contact bit (pictured right), which was surprisingly a success on my own mare that is very heavy in the hand!” he explains.

“When new Bombers products are released, we do have a valued team of expert riders who test the new bits for us, to see the results on different equine temperaments and different type of riders. With many thousands of potential cheekpiece and mouthpiece combinations in the range, in sweet-iron, titanium and synthetics, there’s a bit for every horse, rider and discipline from the Bomber Bits range, although within the range of almost 100 Bomber bits that we stock ‘off the shelf’ in the most popular sizes, cheekpieces and mouthpieces, we feel there’s a Bombers bit to suit almost all needs,” Geoffrey concludes.

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