Getting to know you – #TeamBombers eventer Caroline Powell
January 27, 2021

What top tip can you share with us? “I’ve been finding that most perceived ‘bitting’ issues are sorted with a suitable bit, correct schooling, and a good understanding of ‘thoroughness’ of the horse’s neck and body. It takes balance to another level!”

Which is your most memorable horse and why? “Lenamore, because he won my first 5*.” (Pictured).

What’s your best piece of advice, and why? “If at first it doesn’t succeed… have a think and try again!”

What’s your ultimate riding or training goal? “Harmony!”

What would you tell your younger/teenage self? “Take every door that opens, and don’t look back!”

What horse would you would like to have ridden, or to ride? “I would love to ride Lenamore again; but maybe a different tactic this time…”

What will you be doing in 20 years’ time? “In 10 years time I hope I am still in the position I am in, and enjoying what I do…..I’m not actually sure I know what I’m doing tomorrow though!”

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WATCH CAROLINE AND LENAMORE IN ACTION AT BURGHLEY 2010. “11 years ago. What a horse!” she fondly says.